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Related products of Drain Pan Pills



Reduce risks and costs with just a few Dirhams


We sell a variety of products that protects your cooling

system and ensures it runs efficiently. 


An investment of a few Dirhams can literally protect

tens of thousands of Dirhams.


These products are related to the Drain Pan Pills & are as follows:

1- Acid test kits to test the presence of acid in a system


2- Leak Detectors to inject into the system to view hard

to find leaks in fluorescent red.


3- Leak Detectors to use on the exterior of the system in

fluorescent yellow.


Save Money and Time with Refrigeration Equipment

and Panicker




Air conditioning isn't just about cooling.  It's also about

health and wellbeing.


Drain Pan Pills play a vital role in keeping your

cooling system clean and protecting the health of



Drain pan pills clean and prevent scale, corrosion

and objectionable odors from forming in the

condensate drain pans and humidifiers.


Our drain pan pills are non-corrosive, bio-degradable

and safe on all plastic and metal surfaces.


Drain pan pills work out of sight and help in

improving the efficiency of your buildings and

maintaining cleanliness while being

environmentally safe.


Drain Pan Pills are ideal for Palaces, Hotels,

Shopping Malls, Residential complexes and

places frequented by people.