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Prolax Manifold Gauge Set


4 of the best selling refrigerants in 1 manifold

gauge set.


R22, R134a, R404a and R407c in 1 unique set!


The professional HVAC/R technician does not need

to carry multiple manifold sets for 95% of the work

as the refrigerants covered in the Prolax manifold

are the most frequently used in the UAE.


Prolax manifold sets are built as per the highest

quality standards and are designed to last long.

Thereby, saving you money. 


Prolax + Premium Quality = Less Load on the Tool Box


Contact us for 4 Way Manifold sets specially designed for the

Marine field. 

Recovery Machine Cylinder


We have large stock of premium quality cylinders for

refrigerant recovery machines.


The recovery cylinders can be used with INFICON

Vortex AC or any brand of recovery machines. 



Prolax charging hoses are built to withstand high pressures and

outlast competing brands.


The hose sizes include 3 feet and 6 feet.


We have a wide selection of the best brands of HVAC service

tools for you to choose from.  They include Yellow Jacket, JB,

Inficon, Uniweld, Imperial, P&M or PM, Robinair, etc