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We are the source for the best service tools from

USA as we deal with JB, Yellow Jacket and Inficon.


We have recently added Neutronics refrigerant

analyzers to the list of products we deal with.


JB is the world famous American brand renowned

for high quality HVAC service tools and accessories. 


JB has been involved in the industry since the year 1967.


We stock the entire range of JB products. Our stock



1)   JB Platinum Vacuum Pumps with Dual Voltage

2)   JB Vacuum Pump Oils

3)   JB Manifold Sets for R22, R134a, R404a, R410a,

         R12 and R502

4)   JB Gauges

5)   JB Hoses

6)   JB Pinching Tools

7)   JB Flaring and Swaging Tools

8)   JB Tube Cutters

9)   JB Hand Oil Pumps

10) JB Ratchets

11) JB Couplings for R410a


And you can expect the best prices in the market!


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JB Platinum Vacuum Pump
JB Manifold Set