Forane / OXXONE

Forane & OXXONE Refrigerants

High quality refrigerants are critical to getting the most out of your refrigeration and cooling systems. And we are proud to represent two of the best brands of refrigerants, Forane by Arkema and OXXONE.

Our range of refrigerants includes R22, R32, R134A, R404A, R407C, R410A, etc.

Forane by Arkema

The Arkema group was created in October 2004, following the reorganization of Total’s Chemicals branch. Thanks to innovation, targeted acquisitions and investments in emerging countries, it has become a recognized world player in the field of specialty chemicals.

Arkema is one of the world’s top producers of fluorinated chemicals including refrigerants, blowing agents, and specialties. Forane is the brand that is owned and manufactured by Arkema. Arkema’s refrigerants are used wherever cooling or refrigeration are required, including home air conditioners and heat pumps, appliances, automobiles, food processing, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, chillers, and supermarkets.


Forane R134A

Forane® 134a (R-134a) is made in USA and is as non-ozone depleting HFC with properties very similar to R-12. It can be used both as a pure refrigerant and as a component in refrigerant blends. R-134a is used in applications, including automotive air conditioning, chillers, medium temperature commercial refrigeration, refrigeration appliances, dehumidifier, and transport refrigeration. Our Emkarate RL polyol ester (POE) oils offer perfect miscibility between Forane R134A and the oils.

What is miscibility?

The performance of an HFC system is optimized when the lubricant and refrigerant mix to form a single, clear phase (that is, they are miscible). Miscibility lowers the viscosity of the lubricant carried through the system, so the lubricant can more efficiently return to the compressor. Mineral oils are not miscible with HFCs. Emkarate RL lubricants however, have been specially designed for enhanced miscibility. We are the sole authorized source for Emkarate RL oils in the UAE. We maintain large stocks of Emkarate RL oils for our diverse clients spread all over the UAE.

Forane R404A

Forane® 404A (R-404A) is made in USA and is a non-ozone depleting, near azeotropic blend of HFC refrigerants R-125, R-143a, and R-134a. R404A is formulated to match the properties of R-502, making it useful for a variety of medium and low temperature refrigeration applications. R-404A has been approved by many refrigeration compressor and system manufacturers for use in new refrigeration equipment, such as food display and storage cases, cold storage rooms, ice machines, transportation, and process refrigeration. Our Emkarate RL polyol ester (POE) oils offer perfect miscibility with Forane R404A.

Forane R407C

Forane® 407C (R-407C) is made in USA and is a non-ozone depleting, zeotropic blend of HFC refrigerants R-32, R-125, and R-134a. R407C has been formulated to match the properties of R-22 closely in air conditioning applications. Forane® 407C can be used to replace R-22 in new or existing R-22 residential and commercial air conditioning systems as well as non-flooded evaporator chillers. R-407C is completely immiscible with mineral oil and will require a complete oil change to POE when retrofitting an R-22 installation. Our Emkarate RL polyol ester (POE) oils offer perfect miscibility with Forane R407C. Like other R22 retrofits, R-407C is a high glide blend and is therefore typically not recommended for use in a system with a flooded evaporator.

Forane R410A

Forane® 410A refrigerant (R-410A) is made in USA and is an non-ozone depleting, near azeotropic refrigerant blend of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) R-32 and R-125 developed for use in air conditioning applications. R410A is mainly used for Residential and commercial air conditioning systems, small chillers, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, medium temperature commercial refrigeration, etc. Emkarate RL polyol ester (POE) offer the best miscibility with Forane R410A.

Forane R22

Forane® 22 refrigerant (R-22) is used in a broad range of applications, including residential and commercial air conditioning, refrigeration, chillers, room air conditioning, heat pumps, transport refrigeration, and other comfort cooling and refrigeration applications. R-22 is a HCFC and is going through a mandatory phase-out for manufacturing and importing according to the Montreal Protocol.

Retrofit refrigerants, such as Forane 427A – The EASY RETROFIT, may be options for servicing existing R-22 installations once R22 is phased out completely.

OXXONE High Performance Refrigerants

OXXONE high performance refrigerants are manufactured by some of the biggest factories with strict accordance to the latest industry standards of quality and performance. OXXONE refrigerants are routinely used by the biggest firms in the UAE for their newest installation projects and also to top-up existing HVAC systems.

OXXONE refrigerants are miscible with Emkarate RL oils and are perfect for GMCC, Daikin, Copeland, Tecumseh, Mitsubishi, Cubigel, Highly and all other brands of HVAC compressors. Our customers of Carrier and Daikin air conditioners use OXXONE refrigerants for their new installations and also for top-ups.

OXXONE high performance R22, R32, R134A, R404A, R407C and R410A are available in disposable cylinders.

Since OXXONE R32 is a newer refrigerant and helps in reducing global warming, a brief introduction to this refrigerant is stated below:


Slightly flammable, OXXONE R32 can be used in new equipment designed specifically for mildly flammable refrigerants as a replacement for R-410A equipment. Its low density allows for the use of a smaller refrigerant charge.


In order to be used for different applications, compressor manufacturers developed special compressor types for R-32 refrigerant. Some compressors are equipped with a special cooling system as a liquid or vapor injection, in order to increase the compressor’s envelop to high condensing temperatures.

OXXONE R32 can be used for all types of air conditioning technologies, including heat pumps and water heaters. You can also find refrigeration equipment using OXXONE R32 refrigerant in the market.

OXXONE and Forane cylinders


OXXONE R32 is a high-pressure, fluorinated refrigerant. Using R32 refrigerant is not only useful for direct emission reduction but also indirect impact on the global warming.

  1. When using R32, equipment manufacturers reported an increase in system efficiency and seasonal energy efficiency ratio.
  2. R32 allows the use of the same existing component technologies developed for R-410A installations.
  3. R32 allows for the use of smaller compressor and heat exchanger versus R-22, which lowers manufacturing equipment cost.
  4. R32 equipment size is reduced versus R-22 equipment, which allows for easier handling and integration in the buildings.
  5. The Global Warming Potential of R32 is 677 according to AR5.
  6. As a single component refrigerant R32 has zero glide and is easier to recycle at end of life.

We are the sole authorized source for OXXONE refrigerants in the UAE. Rest assured, we aim to please our customers with very competitive prices. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to save money and time.