GMCC is the largest rotary compressor manufacturer with an annual production of more than 100 million rotary compressors. As part of the Midea group, GMCC is dedicated to a sustainable and environmentally friendly development of high efficiency, quality, and cost competitive rotary compressors for HVAC and heat pumps.


We are the Sole Authorized Dealer for GMCC Compressors in the UAE and our prices are very competitive. Please contact us today to avail of savings. Our GMCC compressors include the following models:


1 PA145X2C-4FT
2 PA215X2CS-4KU1
3 PA290G2CS-4MU1
4 PA330X3CS-4MU1
5 PH310M2CS-4KUH
6 PH340M2CS-4KU
7 PH400G2CS-4KU1
8 PH440G2CS-4KTS1
9 PH440G2CS-4MU
10 PH440G2GS-4MU
11 PH480X3CS-4MU1

GMCC Compressors for Refrigerators and Freezers

GMCC is also a leader in the segment of compressors for refrigerators and freezers. It should be noted that GMCC is an OEM supplier to some of the biggest brands of consumer appliances in the world. GMCC has invested millions of Dollars in the latest technologies and continue to forge ahead in the quest for dependable performance and quality in their products. At the moment, GMCC specializes in the low back pressure (LBP) and medium back pressure (MBP) applications.

We have large stocks of the following GMCC compressors for LBP and MBP applications:

Model Number Application Refrigerant HP Voltage BTU/h
SE45E1J-9 LBP R134A 1/6 220~240V /50Hz 409
SE55H1F-9 LBP R134A 1/5 220~240V /50Hz 529
PE65H1H-9 LBP R134A 1/4 220~240V /50Hz 655
PE75H1H-9 LBP R134A 1/3 220~240V /50Hz 744
SE120QMA MBP R134A 1/2 220~240V /50Hz 1078

GMCC compressors can substitute all brands of compressors and can fit most refrigerators and freezers.

Rest assured, we aim to provide our customers with prices that are competitive. So please contact us today to avail of savings from our products and services.