• Since 1976, we have been helping our esteemed customers save money and time on air conditioners, fan coil units, HVAC spare parts, hand tools and related products.
  • Our products help our customers have a better quality of life by allowing them to control the environments within their homes, offices and premises.
  • We have 8 showrooms in the UAE, including showrooms with wide aisles that allow customers to walk and examine our products at their leisure.
  • A lot of our products are exclusive to us and can only be found in our showrooms.
  • We are committed to helping our customers save as much money and time as possible.
  • Since 1976, We Are HVAC

Brief Snapshot of the Group

  • Operating in the UAE since 1976
  • 3 Companies
  • 8 Locations
  • More than 33 premium brands in our stock.
  • Wholesale and retail quantities and prices available
  • We cater to customers located in the UAE, GCC and Africa.
  • Products include the following:
    • Tools
    • HVAC Tools
    • HVAC Spare Parts
    • Air Conditioners and HVAC Equipment
    • HVAC Accessories
  • Since 1976, “We Are HVAC” for the thousands of customers that have dealt with us.
  • We are not just your HVAC supplier. We are your partner.
  • Working together as a team, we can help your buildings, facilities and assets run efficiently and with as little downtime as possible.
  • Let us work together to save money and time on HVAC.

Our Awards