Cubigel Compressors 

  • Huayi Compressor Barcelona, S.L. is part of Huayi Compressor Co. Ltd. group, and specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling hermetic compressors and condensing units for the light commercial refrigeration market.
  • Operating under Cubigel Compressors® brand, the products are supported by European quality production. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the company exports more than 90% of its production and employs more than 400 people.
  • The company focuses on a product innovation strategy based on a strong R&D team, enhanced know-how and more than 50 years of experience providing a broad range of solutions to the commercial refrigeration industry.
  • Cubigel Compressors offers a wide range of compressors covering from 2.4cc up to 34cc working with most refrigerant gases, voltages and for any type of application.
  • We have a truly large variety of compressors for refrigerators and freezers in our portfolio of products.