Huayi Compressor Barcelona, S.L. is part of Huayi Compressor Co. Ltd. group, and specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling hermetic compressors and condensing units for the light commercial refrigeration market.

Operating under Cubigel Compressors® brand, the products are supported by European quality production. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the company exports more than 90% of its production and employs more than 400 people.

The company focuses on a product innovation strategy based on a strong R&D team, enhanced know-how and more than 50 years of experience providing a broad range of solutions to the commercial refrigeration industry.

Cubigel Compressors offers a wide range of compressors covering from 2.4cc up to 34cc working with most refrigerant gases, voltages and for any type of application.

Since 1976, we have been catering to the needs of our customers with compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration. We constantly maintain large stocks of Cubigel compressors which are stated below:



Model No. Refrigerant HP Pressure Class
1 GL45AAa R134a 1/8 HP LBP
2 GL60TB R134a 1/5 HP HMBP
3 GL80TB R134a 1/5 HP HMBP
4 GL90AAa R134a 1/4 HP LBP
5 GL90TB R134a 1/4 HP HMBP
6 GLY12RAA R134a 1/3 HP HMBP
7 GP14TB R134a 3/8 HP HMBP
8 GP16TB R134a 3/8 HP HMBP
9 GS26TB-V R134a 3/4 HP HMBP
10 GS34TB-V R134a 1 HP HMBP
11 GX18TB R134a 1/2 HP HMBP
12 GX18TG R134a 1/2 HP HMBP
13 GX23TB R134a 5/8 HP HMBP
14 ML45TB R404a 1/5 HP HMBP
15 ML60TB R404a 1/4 HP HMBP
16 ML80FB R404a 1/4 HP LBP
17 ML80TB R404a 3/8 HP HMBP
18 ML90FB R404a 1/3 HP LBP
19 ML90TB R404a 3/8 HP HMBP
20 ML90TG R404a 3/8 HP HMBP
21 MP12RB R404a 1/2 HP HMBP
22 MP14FB R404a 1/2 HP LBP
23 MPT14RA R404a 1/2 HP HMBP
24 MS22TB-V R404a 1 HP HMBP
25 MS26FB-V R404a 3/4 HP LBP
26 MS26TB-V R404a 1 3/8 HP HMBP
27 MS26T3-T (3Phase) R404a 1 3/8 HP HMBP
28 MS34FB-V R404a 1 HP LBP
29 MS34TB-V R404a 1 5/8 HP HMBP
30 MX18FBa R404a 5/8 HP LBP
31 MX18TB R404a 7/8 HP HMBP
32 MX21FBa R404a 3/4 HP LBP
33 MX21TBa R404a 1 HP HMBP
34 MX21TG R404a 1 HP HMBP
35 P12TN-CSR R22 1/2 HP HMBP
36 S22TN-V R22 7/8 HP HMBP
37 S26TN-V R22 1 HP HMBP
Rest assured, we aim to please our customers with savings in money and time.

Please do get in touch with us about Cubigel compressors today.