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HVAC Condensate Pumps

Powerful, heavy-duty pumps for managing high volumes of condensate from air conditioning and refrigeration units.

We have a large variety of condensate pumps in our stock from Sauermann and Petross. Our range of condensate pumps can be used for small split air conditioners all the way up to large high-tonnage HVAC units. Rest assured, we aim to please our customers with very attractive prices.

Sauermann condensate tank pumps are designed to withstand the tough conditions found in large-scale heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

These models are powerful and durable enough for use with central boilers, refrigerated display cabinets, freezers and multi-cassette air conditioners – all of which produce hot, acidic, fouled, biofilm-heavy and other special types of condensate in large volumes.

Si-82: a workhorse for heavy-duty use

The Si-82 is designed for heavy-duty use with powerful systems that demand a reliable tank pump. It can withstand any conditions, removing up to 500 litres an hour and making light work of even the most aggressive condensates.

This tank pump is therefore ideal for powerful systems such as multi-cassette and ducted air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerated display cabinets and gas-fired condensing boilers.

  • Fits into any location
  • Rugged design and outstanding performance

The Si-82 also tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH>2.5) produced by gas condensing boilers.

✅ High performance, up to 5m vertically

✅ High resistance

✅ Easy installation, with plug-in power cord and reversible pump

Max flow rate 132 gph
500 l/h
Max discharge head 16 ft
5 m
Max pressure 5.4 m
Mains supply 230V ~ 50Hz – 70W – 0.67A
Operation conditions 30%: 3s ON – 7s OFF
Protection IP20
Max condensate temperature 65 °C
Max condensate acidity pH > 2.5
Tank volume 2 Liters
Master pack quantity 4
Safety switch NC 4 A resistive – 250 V
Detection integrated
Pump length 279 mm
Pump width 130 mm
Pump height 174.5 mm