Carrier is a world leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

Built on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier constantly builds on their history of proven innovation with new products and technologies that improve global comfort and efficiency. We are proud to offer our customers a wide range of Carrier air conditioners, fan coil units and other products.

Our range includes, but is not limited to the following products:


S. No Indoor Unit Part Number Outdoor Unit Part Number Type of Air Conditioner
1 42KFH018-0S5 38KFH024-0S5 Wall mounted split unit
2 42KFH024-0S5 38KFH024-0S5 Wall mounted split unit
3 42KFH030-0S5 38KFH030-0S5 Wall mounted split unit
4 42KFH036-0S5 38KFH036-0S5 Wall mounted split unit
5 42SDL6CA 38SDL6CA Free Standing
6 42SFL7CA 38SFL7CA Free Standing
7 51KWF018HMFN Not applicable Window AC
8 51KWF021HMF Not applicable Window AC
9 42QTD024V 38QTD024V Cassette
10 42QTD036V 38QTD036V Cassette
11 42QTD048V 38QTD048V Cassette
12 42QHA018VS 38QHA018VS Wall-Inverter
13 42QHA024VS 38QHA024VS Wall-Inverter
14 42QHA030VS 38QHA030VS Wall-Inverter
15 42QHA036VS 38QHA036VS Wall-Inverter
16 FB4CSL018L00 38CKM018-X-7 Ducted Split Unit
17 FB4CSL024L00 38CKM024-X-7 Ducted Split Unit
18 FB4CSL036L00 38CKM036-X-7 Ducted Split Unit
19 FB4CSL042L00 38CKM042-X-9 Ducted Split Unit
20 FB4CSL048L00 38CKM048-X-9 Ducted Split Unit
21 FB4CSL060L00 38CKM060-X-9 Ducted Split Unit
22 42QSM018VSP 38QSM018VSP Ducted – Inverter
23 42QSM024VSP 38QSM024VSP Ducted – Inverter
24 42QSM036VSP 38QSM036VSP Ducted – Inverter
25 42QSM048V 38QSM048V Ducted – Inverter
26 42QSM060V 38QSM060V Ducted – Inverter