GMC Refrigerazione is a dynamic company that is based in Milan, Italy, founded on a solid base of professionalism and with a long background in the refrigeration and air-conditioning market since 2002. GMC Refrigerazione offers high quality components for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment or systems and enjoys a market leading presence in this segment.

GMC Refrigerazione is certified with the Quality Certified System ISO 9001:2008. GMC Refrigerazione is also equipped with the latest test technology by Helium and constantly works as per new European Directives and Regulations.

GMC Refrigerazione’s products are made in Italy and shipped all over the world.

We are proud to stock large quantities of the following GMC Refrigerazione products.

  1. Ball valves
  2. Ball valves with access ports
  3. Check valves
  4. Solenoid valves
  5. Moisture indicators or sight glasses
  6. Filter strainers
  7. Filter driers
  8. Receiver valves

Many OEM’s use GMC Refrigerazione products in their refrigeration and air conditioning units to obtain outstanding benefits and performance. Our customers for GMC Refrigerazione’s products range from the operators of the largest to the smallest refrigeration and air conditioning systems and are spread all over the Middle East. Customers can be assured that GMC Refrigerazione can easily substitute all competing brands.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for components for your refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We will strive to help you to save money and time.