Emkarate Oils

High Performance Synthetic Lubricants Offering Reliability And Energy Efficiency In Billions Of Compressors Worldwide

The Emkarate RL range are synthetic polyol esters (POE) lubricants formulated specifically for use in refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors using HFC refrigerants. These products provide effective wear protection for bearing surfaces, increased system life and improved efficiency, and are suitable for both initial fill and service fill. The combination of low temperature characteristics and unparalleled chemical and thermal stability enable the use of Emkarate® RL products over wide operating temperature ranges. We are proud to be the only authorized source for genuine Emkarate RL lubricants in the UAE.

Emkarate oil in Dubai
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emkarate oil in dubai

Did You Know All Our Emkarate Oils Can Be Verified For Authenticity?

CPI manufactures Emkarate oils for air conditioning and refrigeration.

CPI utilizes Izon ® label technology to help customers ensure they are purchasing genuine Emkarate RL products.